Handmade Zine

Hardcore / PA / USA
Mission Statement: Handmade Zine is a print zine and more! Not only does it feature a handmade print zine that is a bit unconventional, but the site also is a place that everyone in the scene can come together to help each other out. No, we don't have a board that you can post on, but we do offer tons of resources. Bands can get help booking shows, printing merch, recording a demo/album, finding an artist to help them with design work or photography/videography, and places that they can advertise online. Those looking to sell anything from equipment to merch can list in the "Classifieds" section along with anyone looking for a ride to a show or to start a band. The more that people submit to the site, the better a resource it will be. The scene is known for people coming together. Let's come together and build up this site!